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Homage to Félix Leclerc

On March 21 of each year in Quebec, La Journée de l'Hymne au printemps offers an opportunity to pay homage to Félix Leclerc and to honour French-language song.

This year, The Little Green Library will be showcasing books by Félix Leclerc and, on Sunday, March 19 at 2 p.m., will be presenting Hugo Latulippe's documentary, Félix dans la mémoire longtemps (in French).

New exhibition

We are pleased to invite you visit the Melissa Sunshine Camp exhibition. Welcome all!





New Web OPAC (Online Catalogue)

The New Books and Online Catalogue have merged into one.  We have upgraded our Web OPAC to be more up to date, dynamic and free flowing where you can not only see the New Books that we have added to your library but all new items, Books, CDs, DVDs, audio books, etc.  With a new robust search engine and multiple query options you can narrow your search down to exactly what you are looking for.  If you have one of our hand-outs with a map of the library and all locations within, you can even search a given location for your items.

NEW to the web OPAC is a member area.  By logging in with your library card number as your USERNAME and your given PIN for your PASSWORD, you can have access to a list of items you currently have checked out, a list of your fines and payments, and your circulation history (a list of all items you have ever checked out).

Having access to your member area also allows you to create a future list of books to read by putting them into your BOOK BIN which you can email or print a hard copy at any time.

You must log in to your member area not only to reserve books as you have on the old Web search system, but now you can also renew your currently checked out items right from your member area.  There will be new features added in the future to make this great new web OPAC an even greater experience for you.

We hope you enjoy the added functionality that this new web OPAC brings and we thank the volunteers who spent many hours to bring this to you so that you, the members, can have a much richer web experience associated with your Little Green Library!